AMERICA/BOLIVIA - In the midst of uncertainties and unresolved problems, "the Lord comes as the light we so need in our lives"

Monday, 20 March 2023 social situation   politics   economy   bishops  

Santa Cruz (Agenzia Fides) - "Today the Lord presents himself as the Light of the world, I think of the situation we are living, of the uncertainty, especially in our country, this whole week has been marked by uncertainty, especially for the economy. How are we doing? We don't know, we are told that the economy is doing well, but in the streets we see another reality". These are the words spoken by Monsignor René Leigue, Archbishop of Santa Cruz, during yesterday's Sunday Mass, March 19.
The Archbishop cited the protest of teachers and the problems of health care institutions, and "in the midst of all this, the Lord presents himself as the light of the world. God does not look at appearances, he looks at the heart. We, human beings, look at people's appearances, but we do not see beyond, we do not see the depth of the person". In recent days, meetings of politicians have taken place to analyze the reality. But "instead of looking to the future, to seeing reality to find a solution, they only focus on themselves. That's where they say: you have to see beyond appearances, you have to look at what what is really needed, what the person is going through, and it seems to be missing".
Regarding the proposal to give a bonus to the elderly, the Archbishop said: "More than thinking about a bonus, I think what people need is a stable job, because when there is a bonus, you can only live for a month, then it's over. A stable job lasts, and there is the hope that every month you will receive something and you will have food".
Archbishop Leigue noted that this situation has long been lost and many important issues await to be resolved. The authorities, the national government, the local government, say that health and education are the most important issues, "but are they really given the necessary importance?" the Archbishop wondered, citing the situation in the oncology hospital, where parents are suffering these days, because there is no one to take care of them, there is a lack remedies, a lack of health professionals... "In all these situations that we live", the Archbishop said again, "the Lord presents himself today as the light. I think we need a light today that can guide us towards good. A light that can illuminate the path we can take. Today we do not know where to go, and today the Lord comes as that much needed light and so important in our lives". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 20/3/2023)