AMERICA/PANAMA - The Bishops announce the second phase of the dialogue, a new step in the fight against inequality, social exclusion and corruption

Monday, 19 September 2022 dialogue   social situation   bishops  

Panama (Agenzia Fides) - Before starting the second phase of the Single Dialogue Table, "which will be decisive in really outlining the path of transformation that our country needs", the Catholic Church team that accepted the role of facilitator in this path (see Fides, 14/7/2022; 30/7/2022) reports that "dialogue itself is the main fruit that this first phase of the Single Table leaves us, the beginning of a culture of peace and dialogue to achieve a true transformation of the country".
For this, they affirm in their communication of September 18 sent to Fides, mutual trust between all social actors is necessary: although it is difficult to achieve "it is essential for any progress", while suspicion and pessimism do nothing but raise large walls. The Bishops trust in the good will of human beings and reaffirm their commitment: "No matter how small the possibility of helping to overcome the crisis that was affecting us all, the Catholic Church was and always will be willing to serve so that A path of peace and without deception is achieved, with all sectors of the country, without excluding any group in any region of the country". The bishops then announce with great joy the imminent start of the second phase of the dialogue, "open to the participation of all representatives of society", now preceded by a transition period to prepare the second phase in the best possible way.
Thanking all the actors who have participated in the dialogue "making this unique experience possible", they reiterate, in conclusion, the commitment of the Catholic Church "to accompany each aspect of this new step in the fight against inequity, social exclusion, and the corruption in which we all, in one way or another, are responsible". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 19/9/2022)