AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Three nuns die due to Covid-19 in their service of assistance for the abandoned elderly

Friday, 1 October 2021 coronavirus   nuns   the elderly  

Oruro (Agenzia Fides) - Sister María Hilda Arteaga Flores, Sister María Isabel Agip Sánchez and Sister Asunción Bravo Rivas, of the Congregation of the Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados (Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly, HAD), died due to Covid-19, viruses that they contracted in the exercise of their missionary work, taking care of the elderly guests of the Casa "La Sagrada Familia". As the note from the Bishops' Conference informs, Sister Asunción Bravo Rivas died on September 22, while Sister María Hilda Arteaga Flores and Sister María Isabel Agip Sánchez died on September 29. On Thursday, September 30, in the Cathedral of Oruro, Mgr. Krzysztof Bialasik, Bishop of this local Church, presided over the funeral Mass for the religious women, asking the Lord for the reward of eternal life for their disinterested attention towards the elderly.
The Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados are a religious congregation of pontifical Right founded on January 27, 1873 in Barbastro (Huesca, Spain) by the venerable Saturnino López Novoa and by Saint Teresa Jornet. Their specific purpose is the constant exercise of the virtue of Christian charity towards the most vulnerable elderly, welcoming them into a family environment and providing for all their material, emotional and spiritual needs. Currently about 2,000 religious women are present in 204 houses in 19 countries. The latest foundations were in Mozambique, the Philippines, Guatemala, Paraguay and El Salvador. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 1/10/2021)