ASIA/KIRGHIZSTAN - Coronavirus crisis: “Thank God in advance and remember that evil won’t have the last word”

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 coronavirus   solidarity   prayer   faith  

Bishkek (Agenzia Fides) – “The medical emergency linked to the spread of the Coronavirus seems to get increasingly worse in many areas of the world. Here in Kirghizstan we pray for all those who are in the most affected places: May God give strength and true peace to the affected people. In my Sunday homily I tried to remind everyone the depth of catholic wisdom in difficult moments. We don’t need to cancel nor deny these troubles, it is instead necessary to look at both science and spirituality for caution and wisdom”. This is the message of solidarity for all those affected by Coronavirus, sent through Agenzia Fides from Jesuit Father Anthony Corcoran, Apostolic Administrator of Kirghizstan.
“One of the passages of the Sacred Scripture to which I am attached – Father Corcoran adds – is the fourth chapter of the Letter to the Philippians, where Saint Paul invites us not to be anxious for the things of the world and to bring to God our needs with prayers, pleas and gratitude. Or, as you can read in some exegetical text, ‘with grateful heart’, that is with a spirit able to thank God in advance for the way He will solve our problems. In this way, Saint Paul continues, ‘God will give a peace that goes beyond every kind of intelligence’. I find this a really encouraging practice: to thank God in advance and remember that the difficult situation in which we are won’t have the last word. It’s God that has the last word and this fills every event with meaning, for better or worse”.
According to the last update from the World Health Organisation, in Kirghizstan and in the other Central Asian countries there are no cases of Coronavirus infection now. However, the warning remains high given the proximity of the area to China, which is the global main source of Covid-19.
(LF) (Agenzia Fides 10/3/2020)