AFRICA/RWANDA - The Catholic Church intends to regulate the sale of holy pictures

Friday, 14 December 2018


Kibeho (Agenzia Fides) – The Catholic Church in Rwanda says it intends to regulate the commerce of statues and holy pictures to prevent sales by non authorised persons. “we are forming a committee to examine the standards of all articles on sale” said Bishop Celestin Hakizimana, of the diocese of Gikongoro, in an interview with Radio Marie Claire Joyeuse.
On occasion of celebrations for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Kibeho, the Bishop informed the people that “only objects stamped with the stamp Kibeho are authorized ”.
Kibeho, a village Nyaruguru, in a southern province has become important for Marian pilgrimages. In 2001, John Paul II named the place a “holy land” after three young people declared that the Virgin Mary had appeared to them. Since then every year thousands make the pilgrimage to Rwanda to obtain special blessings. Recently on 28 November Radio Maria opened a radio station in Kibeho.
Local vendors of holy objects are in favour of regulating the commerce . The local Church intends also to issue a guide for visitors explaining the history of the apparitions and the spirituality of the place, in collaboration with the tourist guides of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB). (AP) (14/12/2018 Agenzia Fides)