NEWS ANALYSIS/OMNIS TERRA - Latin Catholics, root of faith in the United States

Saturday, 12 May 2018 christianity   society   immigrants   local churches  

Foto: Alfonso Riobó

Latinos are a growing minority: their influence in the United States is extremely significant, because the great socio-cultural and religious wealth continues to shape all the social and existential dimensions of the United States: says Msgr. José Horacio Gómezè, Archbishop of Los Angeles since 2011 and vice president of the US Bishops' Conference since 2016. The Archbishop was born in Mexico in Monterrey, and in his community, in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, more than 70% of the Catholic population is of Hispanic origin.
"This country - he notes - is a country of immigrants that made the it big and powerful. Immigration is a great opportunity for positive growth, sociological studies show that countries grow and enrich themselves in the exchange of ideas, forms and habits, and this happens in the social exchange among peoples" (...)