ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - Illustrated calendar with the Pope's prayer intentions accompanies Korean Catholics through 2024

Saturday, 2 December 2023 prayer   pope francis  

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) - The Pope's prayer intentions and spiritual communion of the Korean faithful with Pope Francis inspire an artistic calendar for the year 2024 to be published and disseminated in Korean "to strengthen the bonds of faith". The calendar was also created thanks to the work of the Korean section of Vatican News, which is desired and financially supported by the Church in Korea.
With the aim of deepening the bond between the Holy See and the Korean Catholic community, the Department of Communications of the Archdiocese of Seoul has published the calendar of the Pope's monthly prayer intentions for the year 2024 and published it in a visually appealing form and to provide an appropriate visual representation of the Pope's prayer intentions affecting the universal Church.
The calendar is the result of a collaboration that began in 2017 on the basis of a "Memorandum of Understanding" between the Archdiocese of Seoul and the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See. The aim of the creation of the Korean section of the news portal Vatican News was to receive messages from the Holy Father to all Korean Catholics in Korea and around the world, while offering a model for the evangelization of other local churches, particularly in Asia. Today, Father Matthew Kwang-hee Choi, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Seoul, says: "The Korean Division of Vatican News is an important step given the urgent need for evangelization and communication."
Published for the second time, the calendar is "the result of a collaboration that is always based on common faith and the desire for evangelization and aims to strengthen the connection between the Holy See and Korean Catholics," said Choi.
The first edition of the calendar in 2023 commemorated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and South Korea, an event also marked by the recent visit of the Vatican Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, to Korea.
The Korean artist and illustrator Ye-hee Suh, winner of the "Catholic Young Artist Contest 2022", winner of the "Catholic Young Artist Contest 2022", who hosted an exhibition at the ‘1898 Gallery’ of the Archdiocese of Seoul was involved in the design of the calendar for the year 2024, which will accompany the Korean faithful month after month in the coming year as they pray for the intentions of Pope Francis.
"Suh's creative skill brings a unique blend of spirituality and aesthetics to the calendar, capturing the essence of the Pope's intentions in a visually captivating way," said a statement from the Archdiocese of Seoul.
The artist who created the illustrations said: "It was not easy to represent the Pope's prayer intentions in a single image; I thank God for blessing me and giving me the inspiration and time to think about the year's prayers in advance. I hope that my illustrations can help many people to pray with the Pope. I hope that this calendar will enable young people like me to pray in their daily lives and that many people will find comfort in common prayer", also through the universal language of art. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 29/11/2023)