AMERICA/PERU - Month of the Bible: “Let us also share the experience of the disciples on the road to Emmaus”

Wednesday, 31 August 2022 bible   local churches  

Lima (Agenzia Fides) - Under the motto "The Disciples on the road to Emmaus", the Biblical team of the Episcopal Commission for Catechesis and Biblical Pastoral Care has organized a series of special activities for the Month of Bible, celebrated in September in many Latin American countries, commemorating St. Jerome, the first translator of the Holy Scriptures into Latin, whose liturgical feast is celebrated on September 30th.
To make the Word of God better known, a new "Biblical Guide" has been prepared as an input for working on biblical themes in the Month of the Bible, in virtual and paper format.
As the note sent to Fides underlines, this year's theme - "The disciples on the road to Emmaus" - underlines the dimension of the "journey" of these disciples, who are accompanied by an Unknown who enlightens their minds by offering them new keys to understanding the Scriptures, and thus makes their hearts burn.
"It is not difficult to identify with the disciples who are concerned about what has happened," the statement continues, "there are so many troubling situations in our Christian communities, in our country and in the world. We, too, urgently need this person, no longer unknown but Expected, to come and enlighten and uplift hearts, to make them burn with his fiery word and the breaking of bread".
A total of four themes are proposed for this Month, offering keys to reading the Bible: suggestions for prayer and applications to life: On the road to Emmaus, Jesus explains the Scriptures, the breaking of bread and the return to Jerusalem. "We also live the experience of those disciples who went to Emmaus: hearts burn again when listening to his Word and the eyes of faith can glimpse the presence of the Master when he breaks bread for us", exhorts the Guide.
Among the various activities proposed for the Month of the Bible, the Children's Bible Festival" has already taken place virtually. Also in virtual mode, there will be a Bible studies workshop on September 20-22 and a "Day of Prayer" on September 30 on the topic "Blessed are the Peacemakers". A Bible Expo will be held September 18-25 and a Youth Festival will be held on Saturday October 29th. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 31/8/2022)