AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - Resumption of fighting in Tigray: government and rebels accuse each other of having interrupted the truce

Wednesday, 24 August 2022 wars  

Addis Ababa (Agenzia Fides) - War resumes in Tigray, the region in northern Ethiopia, devastated by the conflict that broke out in November 2020.
"The Ethiopian forces, together with the special forces and the Amhara militias, began a large-scale attack around 5 (today August 24) in the direction of Alamata, in southern Tigray", says a statement from the Tigrinyan forces.
Accusations rejected by the Ethiopian government, which confirm the resumption of the troops, however, affirm that it was the Tigrayans who attacked. "Ignoring the numerous peace offers presented by the Ethiopian government, the rebel forces of Tigray launched an attack today at 5 am in an area located in the south of Tigray, breaking the truce", said the note from Addis Ababa.
Yesterday, August 23, the Ethiopian federal army accused the Tigrinyan forces of spreading false news, claiming instead that it was the Tigrinyans who were preparing to attack the Ethiopian positions.
The fighting interrupts the truce decided at the end of March and so far respected. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 24/8/2022)