AFRICA/KENYA - Appeal to Catholic women: take a lead on assisting the Church in her noble pastoral mission

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Kiambu (Agenzia Fides) - "As part of the wider church congregation, you must not sit on the wall. On the contrary, you must participate in the Church’s ministry", said the Archbishop of Nairobi, Msgr. Philip Anyolo, addressing hundreds of Catholic women. The occasion was the blessing of the Chapel of the Memorial Adoration of Saint Monica during the recent feast of the Saint in the church of All Saints Komothai, County of Kiambu. Archbishop Anyolo reminded the women of the local Catholic Women Association (CWA) of their pastoral duty "to love, assist their priests and the Church in general". Catholic women were urged to take a leading role in assisting the Church in her noble pastoral mission. The Archbishop recalled the centrality of families in a strong, united and reliable Church in addition to the various roles that women played in the Bible. "Do not at any time take yourselves as ‘small’ people in the vineyard; on the contrary, consider yourselves as true co-workers in the vineyard", he underlined.
The Archbishop urged parents and in particular women to ensure that they brought up their children in the Christian life. "In many cases, some young people have made up their mind to join priesthood and Consecrated life out of the good, Christian climate availed by their parents", he stressed.
"As your pastoral leaders, we continue to pray for the elections ahead and that you vote wisely" concluded Msgr. Anyolo referring to the country's upcoming general elections, scheduled for August 9, 2022, and urged all Kenyans in general to ensure they elect worthy and credible leaders. (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 2/8/2022)