EUROPE/RUSSIA - Ecumenical dialogue and theology: "responsibility towards oneself and towards society"

Tuesday, 7 June 2022 ecumenicalism   dialogue   theology  

Moscow (Agenzia Fides) - "Why should a Christian study theology today?" said the Deputy Dean of the Theological Faculty of the Orthodox Institute "St. Filaret" in Moscow, Olga Orlova, presenting the new course for which she is responsible. The institute "St. Filaret", founded in 1988 by the Orthodox priest Georgij Kočetkov, is a university with three different faculties (theology, Church history and religious studies), a department for projects in the social field and a school for further education with a theological focus, which always strives for
On the day of presentation, held in Moscow on June 2, the participants divided into groups, chose one of the three lessons offered simultaneously by professors from St. Filaret: archeology and sacred art; liturgy; biblical exegesis. In an atmosphere of exchange of experiences, the Catholic scientist Maria Chiara Dommarco, among others, gave some answers to the question: "Why should one study theology in a world in which other topics seem to be important?" "For every human being," she said, "answering the existential questions that inevitably arise, especially in times of crisis like the current one, is a question of responsibility towards oneself and towards society. The study of theology and other humanistic disciplines is more important than ever to understand who we are and what we live for, and thus contribute to building peace, starting with our own daily lives". As Professor Orlova explains to Fides, every year around 500 students of different denominations study at St. Filaret, of whom around 200 are enrolled in the Faculty of Theology: "The deepening of knowledge in theological disciplines is important for everyone, regardless of the type of work or educational background. That's why we offer evening courses to give people who are active in the working world the opportunity to participate as well". One of the inspirers of the St. Filaret Institute is the famous scholar Sergei Arevincev (1937-2004), one of the most important Russian thinkers of the 20th century, who was also a member of Father Kočetkov's brotherhood. (CD) (Agenzia Fides, 7/6/2022)