AMERICA/PARAGUAY - Journalists: "their task is to seek and communicate the truth, communicate hope and life to our people"

Wednesday, 27 April 2022 journalism   freedom of the press   local churches   pope francis  

Asunción (Agenzia Fides) - "The journalist's task is to seek and communicate the truth, both through facts and investigative reports, through the interpretation of events or through his comments. The search for the truth and its communication guides the daily work", said Archbishop Adalberto Martinez Flores of Asuncion in his message on the occasion of Journalists' Day, celebrated in Paraguay on April 26.
In the text, sent to Fides, the Archbishop recalls that "the noble profession of the journalist for the Church, has a sense of mission and apostolate according to the Master's teaching: 'The truth will make you free' (Jn 8:32)". In his job of informing, the journalist "has imperative task of remembering that the focus of the news is not the speed of transmission and the effect on public opinion, but the people". "To inform is to form, to be involved in people's lives", afirms Monsignor Martinez Flores and continues: "the verification of sources and the safeguarding of communication are real processes of development of good, which create trust and open paths of communion and peace".
Freedom of opinion and freedom of the press are two essential factors for this social function of the profession: "The search for the truth implies the freedom of opinion of journalists, which is exercised according to ethical criteria and with social responsibility, as well as the freedom of the press as a support and carrier of the information, study and interpretation of facts affecting society," stresses the Archbishop.
Archbishop Martinez Flores invites all journalists, whether they are believers or not, to "continue to strengthen their vocation in the service of truth, despite all the obstacles and limitations that they encounter in carrying out their daily task, which is not always true to their true dimension recognised, rewarded and appreciated", and expressed his "encouragement and appreciation" to the journalists.
He concludes by quoting Pope Francis, who recommends that journalists pay particular attention to "truth, goodness and beauty" and finally underlines the common challenge that binds them to the Church, urging them to support one another, to "bring hope and life to our people". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 27/4/2022)