AMERICA/HAITI - "Believing in life and becoming multipliers of goodness and hope", the Camillians strengthen their missionary commitment

Saturday, 11 December 2021


Port au Prince (Agenzia Fides) - "How can a people of 12 million inhabitants survive despite the natural catastrophe which, on August 14, 2021 (see Fides, 25/8/2021) devastated the cities of southern Haiti, but even more the villages of the surrounding mountains, the atavistic poverty and hunger, the violence that has lasted for several years, the assassination of the President of the Republic and the flourishing industry of kidnappings associated with armed gangs that reign everywhere". Father Antonio Menegon, a Camillian missionary, MI, writes that in recent months the violence of criminal gangs has increased disproportionately and that they are "ruling" the country. "They are men, women, children, crushed, oppressed by adversity, who, as soon as they try to raise their heads, are immediately thrown into the dust. So even hope struggles to survive!", underlines the missionary, who is also president of the MI non-profit organization Madian Horizons.
"Our Missionaries, who in these 25 years have always stood by the side of the population facing all kinds of adversities, have had to make an exceptional effort in recent months to face the humanitarian emergency caused by the earthquake and violence. In Jérémie they found themselves faced with entire villages destroyed and totally isolated and the lack of any institutional response, and had to organize field dispensaries and mobile clinics capable of reaching the affected populations directly and quickly". Fr. Menegon goes on to say that the Foyer Saint Camille hospital in Port-auPrince was one of the main centers where the missionaries welcomed the traumatized and injured victims of the earthquake. "From the start we started the reconstruction, starting with a school (see Fides 28/10/2021), built in record time - in just a month and a half - as a sign of the future and of hope for the children who will be the men of tomorrow; and immediately after school, the construction of houses began, for those who have lost everything".
Referring to the urgency of the global pandemic, Camillien added how difficult this year has been for everyone. "We, Camillians, have also strengthened our commitment in other countries of the world both in the field of health and in that of food support for families: Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Guatemala".
"The celebration of Christmas must be a sign of life, trust and hope - Fr. Menegon in view of the upcoming festivities. We must celebrate this sign every day by believing in man, by defending life, by helping those who are in the deepest poverty and utter despair, and that is what really matters, that is the authentic celebration that pleases God: celebrating life by giving hope, wiping away the tears, giving food to the hungry, health to the sick, shelter to the homeless, education and culture, the foundations of a civil society, work capable of restoring dignity. All of this means believing in life and becoming multipliers of goodness and hope. It is therefore Christmas, but always and only beside the child in the manger, but to all the children in flesh and blood who have the sacrosanct right to live a life worthy of every human being. Together we will make a difference. Only in this way will God be with us, at our side to help us not to lose the path of love, the only path that can save us". (AM/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 11/12/2021)