ASIA/BANGLADESH - In the Year dedicated to St. Joseph, the first book on the saint in Bengali

Wednesday, 6 October 2021 saints   evangelization  

Rajshshi (Agenzia Fides) - "Saint Joseph: protector of the family and of the universal Church" is the title of the first book published in Bengali in honor of the saint, in the special year dedicated to him. This is what the young priest from Bangladesh Fr. Johon Minto Ray, from the diocese of Rajshahi wrote.
Bishops, nuns, priests and local faithful have greatly appreciated the initiative because "up to now there was no book or publication in Bengali on St. Joseph".
As Fides learned, the book is the result of an accurate research by Father Johon Minto, Headmaster of St. Louis High School, located in the parish of Mariabad. The priest had the opportunity to study the figure of the saint during the lockdown due to the pandemic and included the translation of letters and documents of the Popes on St. Joseph.
"I am very devoted to St. Joseph, I pray with him and invoke him as an intercessor. I hope that, thanks to this book, the devotion of the faithful to the saint will increase", says Fr. Johon Minto Ray to Fides. And he continues: "I realized that there were no books available on Saint Joseph in Bangladesh, so I started doing research on him. I got to work. This book will help readers to know many unknown aspects of Saint Joseph, a model for every parent".
Father Johon studied in the Philippines and there he got to know St. Joseph better: "Now Joseph is part of my life. I brought the statue of St. Joseph asleep from the Philippines. I invoked him and have often received inner answers in prayer. I understood that it was important and that people should get to know him better. Therefore, I used my free time to promote awareness of him. The faithful will be able to know Joseph's virtues and be inspired by him".
The Bishop of Rajshahi, Gervas Rozario, praises the initiative to publish the book. "Father Johon Minto Ray's book on St. Joseph is a timely and significant initiative. Christians will be able to know details about Joseph in this Year of Saint Joseph. We can learn a lot from this book about Jesus' adoptive father. I think it is a great job. This book is a blessing for all of us, which will be able to enrich us spiritually". Father Daniel Sunil Rozario, an elderly priest from Rajshahi, also appreciates the work: "I have read Father Johon's book on Saint Joseph. In no text in Bengali is there such rare and precious information. The text collects information and teachings of Joseph disseminated by the early Church to the Church in modern times. This book helps all families to be a happy family".
Sujon Akka, a lay Catholic, says he is attracted to the life of Saint Joseph and explains: "Saint Joseph was an ideal parent. I learned to be a tolerant, patient and protective parent by studying this book and getting to know him better". The 140-page book, published by the "Protibashi Prokashoni of the Christian Communication Center", consists of seven chapters that illustrate Joseph's values, teachings and miracles. (FC) (Agenzia Fides, 6/10/2021)