AFRICA/MALAWI - Students of the Catholic University engaged in research programs and development aid

Saturday, 12 June 2021 local churches   education   university  

Lilongwe (Agenzia Fides) - Catholic Relief Services (CRS) aims at a partnership with the Catholic University of Malawi to help students in practical learning through internships and research of aid and development programs implemented by the organization in the Country.
During a meeting with the management of the Catholic University of Malawi, the national representative of the CRS Julie Idel said that the partnership will help the University students to acquire practical skills through internship agreements on CRS programs in Malawi.
"We already have a close relationship with the university, but we want to strengthen greater involvement with students in research areas and internships by involving them in the monitoring and evaluation of some of our programs that we are implementing in the country", said Idel.
The national representative of the CRS also suggested the Catholic University of Malawi to disseminate research results on national issues in order to maintain its relevance as a center that offers quality education in the Country.
The Vice Rector of the Catholic University of Malawi Rev. Fr. Dr. George Buleya then said the University has students who can help CRS serve the Country through ongoing aid and development programs.
"The students of our faculties can help with the different skills they are learning for example, we have students studying special needs education who can help in the implementation of assistance programs for people who have disabilities", said Fr. Doctor Buleya.
In agreement with the Vice-Rector, the Director of Academic Affairs Fr. Wilfred Sumani said the university also has three centers that provide technical assistance in the areas they specialize in. "We have the Center for Environmental Affairs, the Management Resource Center and the Center for Socio-Theological Studies and we are in the process of renovating a Center for Legal Matters, which can offer help in the implementation of some development projects", said Fr. Sumani.
Over the years, the Catholic University of Malawi has enjoyed the support of the CRS in offering quality education to citizens of Malawi and other neighboring countries. (L.B.) (Agenzia Fides, 12/6/2021)