AFRICA/UGANDA - Covid-19: an exponential increase in the number of infections; hospitals close to collapse

Friday, 2 October 2020 coronavirus  

Kampala (Agenzia Fides) - In Uganda the number of positive coronavirus cases is growing exponentially. On September 23rd, the total number of infections was 7,064 cases throughout the country with a daily increase in the last week between 114 and 423 cases. As the number of cases increases, the hospitalization capacity for new COVID-19 patients is dramatically decreasing.
The Soleterre Foundation, denounces the difficult situation which, in this delicate moment, it is offering psychological support to patients, family members, medical and health care personnel, but it is also offering materials for sanitation and sanitation, at the Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, a health reference point and for the COVID-19 in the north of the country. The hospital has reached the maximum possible reception of patients for COVID-19, equal to 140 beds. Many patients, moreover, struggle to reach a full hospital anyway, lacking means of transport: sometimes ambulances must be stopped for lack of fuel. Needless to emphasize how dangerous it is, for the patient and for those who may be potentially infected around him.
Until now, the health authorities had identified only the Gulu Regional Referral Hospital as a a health reference point and for the COVID-19 in the north of the country. The local authorities, by virtue of such a sudden increase in the number of contagions, reacted by providing adequate reception facilities in another hospital, not far away, St. Mary Lacor Hospital, where there is an Intensive Care Unit. In the whole of Northern Uganda there are currently only 25 intensive care units: 20 at St. Mary Lacor Hospital and 5 in preparation at the Gulu Regional Referral Hospital. (Agenzia Fides, 2/10/2020)