AMERICA/COLOMBIA - "We are in the same boat, we row together": Migrant and Refugee Week

Thursday, 24 September 2020 emigration   coronavirus   episcopal conferences  

Bogotà (Agenzia Fides) - With the slogan "We are in the same boat, we row together", the "Migrants and Refugees Week 2020" is being celebrated in Colombia from 21 to 27 September, which this year will take place virtually due to the health situation caused by Covid-19. Raising awareness of the "drama of internally displaced people, an often invisible drama" and the various actions that are carried out in support of this population, is the goal of the World Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday 27 September. Pope Francis noted that "people in human mobility must be welcomed, protected, promoted and integrated, especially internally displaced persons". Clashes and humanitarian emergencies, aggravated by climate change, are increasing the number of displaced people and affecting people who already live in a state of extreme poverty.
In the case of Colombia, the Day also takes into account migration from other Countries, given the situation that has arisen in recent years, underlines the note from the Colombian Bishops' Conference sent to Fides. The slogan of the campaign invites to share life, recognize the wealth of migrants upon their arrival in different regions, promote their integration and reduce xenophobia.
Due to the pandemic in progress, meetings and activities will not take place in specific places as in the past, for which the National Secretariat for Social Pastoral Care/Caritas Colombia (SNPS/CC) will show its work in virtual form in support of migrant brothers and refugees who year after year have to leave their homes to seek a better future.
Among the aids prepared by SNPS/CC there are: images for social networks; phrases from Pope Francis for the 106th Day of Migrants and Refugees; a booklet with some tips that will facilitate the requests of migrants in Colombia; biblical phrases that encourage love of one’s neighbor, especially for the migrant population; a booklet for children that talks about integration and support for the migrant brother; an explanatory video of the immigration law; testimonies of returned Venezuelan and Colombian migrants who received help from the Catholic Church; articles that make visible the work done by the SNPS/CC; life stories of migrants; video testimonies of priests who help the migrant population. "We can all be part of this campaign, live this celebration from home, by downloading our communication resources and sharing them on your social networks", underline the organizers. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 24/9/2020)