AMERICA/MEXICO - "Schools of forgiveness and reconciliation": the Bishops give new impetus to peaceful coexistence

Saturday, 5 September 2020 human rights   peace   fraternity   school   education   bishops  


Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - A new pastoral agreement with the aim of promoting the method of the "Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation" (ES.PE.RE. is the abbreviation in Spanish), in an ecclesial and popular way so that, through this methodology, a reconciled society is created, so that it is possible to build peace: is the initiative promoted within the framework of the Mexican Episcopate Conference (CEM), in collaboration with the "Foundation for Reconciliation Mexico". The program was presented by Mgr. Enrique Díaz, Bishop of the diocese of Irapuato, who stressed the importance of dialogue and collaboration with civil society, but also with national and international organizations, to build a lasting peaceful coexistence in Mexican society. The Bishop explained that, with the methodological contribution of “ESPERE”, it is hoped to contribute to "generate a society reconciled with itself, but also with the Creator, with the environment".
The agreement underlines the participation of all the Bishops of Mexico in the commitment so that the 98 dioceses of the country can organize and promote the "Schools of Peace" under the proven methodology of the "Foundation for Reconciliation" born in Colombia in the midst of internal conflicts of the nation. So far, there are 39 ESPERE locations spread across Mexico and around a thousand facilitators. The agreement will favor the creation of new experiences both in diocesan territories and through digital platforms.
Mgr. Carlos Garfias Merlos, Archbishop of Morelia and responsible for articulating the peace and reconciliation processes between the Mexican Catholic Church and government institutions, said that "the agreement opens an important path for forgiveness and reconciliation in Mexico: it is an important way to rebuild the person and the social fabric".
The Archbishop of Monterrey and president of CEM, Mgr. Rogelio Cabrera López, contributed with a reflection on the process of building peace: "It must be recognized that this is an unfinished work, which must always be built", he said. "But first we must recognize that peace comes from God, because it allows us to forgive. Thus began the work of the Church, when Pentecost was celebrated and God led the disciples to the Holy Spirit and told them to forgive and bring peace. There is no peace if there is no forgiveness or reconciliation". (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 5/9/2020)