AFRICA/IVORY COAST - "What will the post-Covid-19 world look like?": A priest organizes a series of radio conferences

Wednesday, 1 July 2020 coronavirus   local churches   culture  

Abidjan (Agenzia Fides) - "What will the world be like after Covid-19? Will it be the same as before or will it be different? How can the global health crisis be an opportunity to profoundly change our habits and make us more virtuous?" These are some of the questions that prompted Fr. Norbert Erick Abekan, parish priest of Sainte Famille de la riviera 2, in collaboration with Grand Conférences d'Abidjan and Radio Espoir, to organize a series of conferences to reflect on the challenges that Africa will face after the Covid-19 pandemic, in the light of the Gospel.
From 1 July every Wednesday and Friday, at 8 pm GMT, on Radio Espoir (the diocesan radio station of Grand-Bassam) and on other Catholic media in Ivory Coast, speakers specialized in sociology, anthropology, philosophy, theology and psychology, will be invited to contribute to indicate a new way of seeing things and the world.
The reflections will be carried out around the general theme of this space of comparison: "After Covid-19: Will another world be possible?".
Fr. Erick Norbert Abekan, initiator of this lecture series which aims to help people have a better life after Covid-19, hopes in the effective involvement of the country's Catholic media for the widespread spread of these radio debates. (S.S.) (Agenzia Fides, 1/7/2020)