AFRICA/CHAD - The Extraordinary Missionary Month has positively marked the Church in Chad

Thursday, 2 January 2020 extraordinary missionary month   pontifical mission societies  

N’Djamena (Agenzia Fides) - "The celebrations of the Extraordinary Missionary Month (October 2019) were lived with joy and had historical importance" says a report from the Pontifical Mission Societies of Chad, sent to Agenzia Fides.
"Radio broadcasts, the formation of apostolic staff and missionary animators, missionary pilgrimages, prayer vigils, concerts, Eucharistic celebrations and other activities were the highlights that positively marked the Extraordinary Missionary Month" continues the report.
To maintain the dynamism of the Extraordinary Missionary Month, the initiatives that are organized every year for the ordinary Missionary Month will be increased.
"Each year, Missionary Month must be solemnly inaugurated with an opening Mass, and closed with a final Mass" recommends the report, which suggests "to privilege the following activities throughout the month of October: pilgrimage, missionary rosary, meetings of missionary prayer, animation with missionary witnesses, competitions for the composition of missionary songs, etc. using teaching and visibility materials (flyers, t-shirts, hats, missionary rosary, banners, etc.); the use of mass media (radio, newspapers, website, social networks)". It is planned to train new missionary animators in a Missionary Animation School.
There is also the proposal to take up the theme of the Extraordinary Missionary Month "Baptized and sent: the Church of Christ on a mission in the world" for the Lenten retreat of 2020 for the dioceses that wish it, highlighting the mission of Christ, the link between the Missio Ad Gentes and the PMS, the figure of Marie Pauline Jaricot, the mission of the baptized.
The teaching on the PMS and Missio Ad Gentes in seminaries and religious institutes in the course of missiology was proposed to the Ordinary General Assembly of the Chadian Episcopal Conference (CET); to evaluate the possibility of introducing them into catechesis and the formation of catechists. The Episcopal Conference, the rectors of the seminaries and the various actors said they were in favor.
The PMS National Assembly of Chad proposed that the celebration of the Extraordinary Missionary Month is to be included in the celebration of the Centenary of evangelization in Chad, which will be held in 10 years. The Guide to the Extraordinary Missionary Month could be used to prepare for this celebration. The purpose of the proposal is to allow the faithful to live the results of the mission well in order to understand that every baptized person is an envoy to bring the Gospel to the suburbs.
Finally, the PMS National Director of Chad will participate in the second international pilgrimage of the Societies for the Extraordinary Missionary Month in Lourdes, from 11 May to 14 May 2020, on the theme: "Mary, first missionary: I am the Immaculate Conception". ( L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 2/1/2020)