AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Bishops call for "transparent elections for authentic democracy"

Monday, 14 October 2019 elections   episcopal conferences   poverty   social situation   politics  

La Paz (Agenzia Fides) - "We are heading towards these elections in a climate of distrust, for fear of a possible manipulation of the electoral process. This situation leads us to demand that all voters go to the polls, to exercise their duty and their right, without any political, social or economic pressure". This is what the Bishops of Bolivia say in a statement entitled "Transparent elections for an authentic democracy", published in view of the elections to be held on October 20, to elect the President, the Vice-president, 130 deputies and 36 senators for the 2020-2025 term.
The Bishops' Conference reminds citizens to vote "with clear awareness of the real needs of our Country, its problems, its potential and to choose the party that presented concrete proposals that can be implemented within the framework of the common good and democratic values of freedom, justice and equal dignity of every Bolivian". Since the elections are at the base of the democratic system and are based on the respect of the individual vote, "they must be carried out in a transparent manner and under the strict control of international observers, electoral juries, political parties and the voters themselves, so that the result of the polls is rigorously accepted, respecting the sovereign decision of the Bolivian people".
The Bishops' message underlines the right of everyone to have "objective and truthful information", trusting that the media closely follow the entire electoral process, without hesitating "to report any irregular and fraudulent facts". Finally, they invite to pray: "The transcendental importance of this moment leads us to pray to the God of life and truth, so that all citizens and authorities, through transparent and peaceful elections, contribute to building a more democratic Bolivia and a real home for everyone".
According to information gathered by Fides, Bolivia was the South American country that has experienced the greatest economic growth in recent years, despite the context of regional weakness, thanks above all to public investment and the strengthening of domestic demand. At a political level there is confusion and discontent, as the number of poor and abuses of power is still high. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 14/10/2019)