ASIA/KAZAKHSTAN - National Caritas defines priorities: communication and collaboration

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 caritas   development   social communications  

Almaty (Agenzia Fides) - "If I have to briefly express the priorities of the national Caritas in this period, I would choose two words: communication and collaboration. The first for us is particularly valuable for the greatness of our country and for our relations with the world around us. Collaboration, on the other hand, is fundamental to continue to strengthen our presence on the territory". This is what was declared to Agenzia Fides by Fr. Guido Trezzani, a missionary in Kazakhstan and responsible for the national Caritas.
"Given the size of Kazakhstan, without activities aimed at communication, each regional Caritas would remain closed in its own world, instead we must try to develop a constant exchange of experiences and knowledge between the national reality and the diocesan centers as much as possible", adds the missionary. For these reasons, "a weekly update on ongoing activities will be sent to the diocesan directors, in order to facilitate the sharing of information at a national level and possibly inspire changes at a local level. We will have other tools available: the newsletter, which will now be published every three months, and the world of social media".
The development of communication processes, explains Fr. Trezzani, is also motivated by the need to be known and appreciated at a local level: "Recently, following an emergency situation in the south of our country and which caused the evacuation of a whole city, we contacted the regional administration offering our help, which was not accepted because we are not known in the context of national emergency response. It was not clear who we were and what our purpose was". Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the network of collaborations: "We have already begun to contact various local foundations to find areas of common interest to show our identity, but at the same time learn from the work of others".
The words of Fr. Guido come after an important choice: "Several weeks ago I left the position of director of Caritas Almaty and now I can dedicate myself completely to the construction of the Caritas of Kazakhstan. I am particularly grateful to all those who have made possible the creation and development of Caritas in Almaty, making it a small but significant reality, from which this new national adventure is also born", he concluded. (LF) (Agenzia Fides, 18/9/2019)