AMERICA/NICARAGUA - The Salesian school in Masaya commemorates the victims of repression and does not take part in the celebrations for the national holiday

Saturday, 14 September 2019 human rights   politics   violence   youth   area crisis  


Masaya (Agenzia Fides) - "In the parents' meeting it was announced that the school continues to respect the mourning of families who lost a dear member during last year's protests: the school also respects the pain of students who have a family member in exile due to the current repression. All of us parents agree with the school's decision not to participate in the parade on the day of the Nicaraguan Festival". Thus we read in a message broadcast via twitter by a group of parents of the students of the Salesian Don Bosco school, in Monimbó neighborhood in the Nicaraguan city of Masaya.
Students, school staff and parents were witnesses of the harsh repression unleashed in the city in 2018 by government forces. After those events, the Salesian Missions community had informed the community that the school had become a field hospital for many wounded in search of care. (See Fides, 4/6/2018).
Father Edwin Román, parish priest of the church of San Miguel in Masaya, had explained to Fides that "the whole city of Masaya organized to demonstrate, so in the center of the city barricades were erected, no one slept in Masaya and the attacks began Saturday morning at six o'clock in San Miguel Park (where the church is situated, ed.) We were surrounded by riot police, two people died".
Among the population of Masaya the slogan "Masaya no olvida" (Masaya does not forget) has become popular and on every public occasion the restoration of conditions of legality and democracy is requested.
On September 15, the day in which national independence is celebrated, school pupils with their families are invited to take part in a mass in which the victims of repression will also be commemorated, and pray for justice and peace. (CE) (Agenzia Fides,14/9/2019)