AMERICA/MEXICO - The dignity and sovereignty of the nation, as well as the dignity and human rights of migrants, are above any negotiation

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 emigration   human rights   bishops  


Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - As Commission for human mobility and as Mexican Bishops’ Conference, "we expressed our concern about the lack of a true humanitarian reception to our migrant brothers, this is a reality that we cannot avoid. Unfortunately we see that this dignity as persons and children of God is violated. Without an effective migration policy, Mexico has been subjected to the criteria and impositions of the US government, accepts the inconsistency of uniting trade with the right and the need to migrate, seeking the opportunity for a better life": this is what the text sent to Fides by the Mexican Bishops’ Conference (CEM) entitled" Dignity of migrants" says.
"The dignity and sovereignty of our nation - the document continues - as well as the dignity and human rights of migrants, are well above any negotiation. The Church and civil society have always defended the non-criminalization of migrants and defenders of human rights, which fight for dignity with significant risks for their own safety and even for their lives".
"As a pastoral dimension of human mobility of CEM, we are aware of the necessity and legitimacy of making courageous decisions to avoid imposing tariffs on Mexican products that are traded with the United States, but this must not be at the expense of national sovereignty, of dignity and respect for the human rights of migrants, solidarity among peoples and work for the common good of countries in need of support and decent development", the text underlines.
Therefore the Ecclesial Commission of human mobility points out the fundamental causes of the phenomenon: "Internal and external migration is based on hunger, poverty, violence and the lack of opportunities required by the creation of sources of employment and the reconstruction of the social fabric. The Church is convinced that a just immigration policy is necessary and urgent that guarantees a free, orderly, responsible and regulated movement of people, and that deals with the legitimate interests of our nation".
The text underlines that assistance centers for the migrants of the Church have been the target of "acts of persecution, criminalization and obstacle to their work of assistance, protection and defense of the human rights of this population". For this reason it highlights the main concerns of the Church today: the defense of the human rights of migrants, the separation of families at the border, the threat of deportations from the United States, the politics of terror that migrants live, the change in migration policy that Mexico is implementing (from a country that welcomes to a country that tries to close and expel migrants).
The Church recalls that, "as a mother and protector", she has the prophetic mission of raising her voice in favor of the poor, and at this time the migrants "are the poor among the poor". It therefore invokes the Holy Spirit "to enlighten the civil authorities of our nations so that they can take the wisest, most worthy and coherent decisions for the benefit of our peoples", putting the common good and respect for the human being first. The text is signed by Mgr. José Guadalupe Torres Campos, Bishop of the Diocese of Cd. Juárez and President of the Commission for Human Mobility of CEM, and by Mgr. Alfonso Miranda Guardiola, Auxiliary of Monterrey, Secretary General of CEM. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 24/7/2019)