AMERICA/MEXICO - The Missionary Fathers of Charity in Tijuana

Wednesday, 24 July 2019


Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - Father Cyril D´Silva, Missionary of Charity from India, is the director of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta sanctuary in Tijuana in the Mother Teresa House of Calcutta strongly desired by the Saint. Presently the priests of the community live there.
"Mother Teresa wanted the House of Tijuana to be for priests what Calcutta is for the Mothers of the congregation. Tijuana is very poor materially and spiritually, it is a place of great necessity, high crime and drug addiction, which is why priests and lay people are trained to serve the poor in the spirituality of the Saint", says Fr. Cyril.
"The Sanctuary, which has not yet been approved by the Bishop, has a Mission Center where there is formation for the laity, an adoption program for abandoned children, a rehabilitation program for people with addictions. The fathers also run a missionary school to prepare young people to respond to the mission, both as lay people and as priests".
"In July, violence has greatly increased" adds Fr. Cyril, - every day we hear the sound of bullets around the sanctuary".
Regarding the situation of migrants, the priest says he does not want to enter into any aspect of the government, but into what the Church can do. "We had been going to Baratel for a long time, which is near the Mothers' house. Here, in addition to bringing food to those in need, we celebrate Mass and worship the Blessed Sacrament".
Furthermore, says Fr. D´Silva, "in order to cope with the trafficking of children, mothers try to rescue the abandoned and neglected children from their parents before they end up in the streets. These women go to their homes and, while their parents work, they take care of them". (PM/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 24/7/2019)