ASIA/BANGLADESH - Third anniversary for the first Catholic online radio channel

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 catholic radios   missionary animation   evangelization   peace   bishops  

Bogra (Agenzia Fides) - The country's first Catholic radio celebrated its third anniversary. The name of the web radio is "Radio Jyoti" (Radio Light) and the broadcast studio is located at the Emmaus Catholic church in Bogra, in the diocese of Rajshahi. The purpose of the radio is to announce God’s message and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ through radio programs. Listeners can listen to radio programs via smartphone or PC and many young people do it.
In a message for the occasion, sent to Fides, Radio Jyoti’s Chairman Bishop Gervas Rozario said: "On the occasion of the third anniversary of Radio Jyoti, I would like to greet and express my best wishes to all the listeners, in the country and abroad. On 13 February, World Radio Day is celebrated every year. The theme of the Day this year was "Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace". For having chosen such a meaningful theme, I would like to thanks UNESCO. This our main theme for the whole year".
Mgr. Rozario, who is Bishop of the Diocese of Rijshahi, explains in his message: "It is not possible to solve problems with weapons, wars, terrorist acts. Only dialogue and discussion can make it possible. Many may agree with me that recently a lack of tolerance among people has been shown. Why is this happening? Men should show that they respect and love others as themselves. People cry and suffer from conflicts in today's world. Conflicts have damaged harmony among religions and nations. One should keep in mind that weapons, competition, war and conflicts are not part of civilization".
"Right from the beginning, Radio Jyoti talks about peace", writes Msgr. Rozario, vice-president of the Bishops' Conference of Bangladesh, in his message, who before sending his blessings, he addresses an invitation to listeners: "I would like to ask you, come forward to establish peace in the world. If peace is established, you too will live in peace".
The web address of the radio is People from Bangladesh living abroad appreciate this radio station for its Christian teaching programs. Bangladesh is a country where radio has gradually become popular. Radio Jyoti broadcasts hymns, small dramas, news ... preaching Christian values with its programs. (FC) (Agenzia Fides, 23/7/2019)