AMERICA/COLOMBIA - "Habla Quibdó": media will make itself available to communities to talk about violence and problems

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 violence   wars   poverty   indigenous   local churches  

Quibdó (Agenzia Fides) - On Wednesday 19 June, from 7 to 10 am, the social media of Quibdó and the community will be the main protagonists of the "Habla Quibdó" campaign, which aims to open spaces so that people can communicate and share what they live every day in this area of the country so affected by violence.
The Bishop of the Diocese of Quibdó, Mgr. Juan Carlos Barreto, explains in the note sent to Fides that the initiative wants to allow the different sectors of the city to express what they feel, so a citizens' committee will address these problems with the institutions. "We will listen to the voice of the communities of Quibdó, the suburbs and the different sectors, who will talk about what they are experiencing and what can be done with some institutions. We will have the support of experts who will help us understand the causes and possible solutions to these problems", says the Bishop.
Insecurity, murders, extortion, robberies, invisible borders, child abuse, will be some of the topics that will be addressed, thanks to the agreement with all the media in this city, which will make their channels available to citizens so that everyone can express their concerns. Archbishop Barreto points out that, although the institutions have the obligation to respond to all the problems afflicting this city, particular attention must also be paid to the formation of the culture of citizenship.
Quibdó is a municipality in Colombia, capital of the Chocó department, known for its large Afro-Colombian population. It is located in the western part of the country and is the only Colombian department to have coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Despite untapped natural resources, its population has one of the lowest living standards of all Colombian departments: in 2007, about 50 children died of starvation in less than three months.
A few weeks ago the various local organizations and indigenous peoples, together with the diocese of Quibdò, once again denounced the serious situation and the worsening of the social and humanitarian crisis caused by the resumption of the armed conflict and of the lack of protection for the Afro-descendant and indigenous communities (see Fides, 17/4/2019). (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 18/6/2019)