AFRICA/MALAWI - Bishops promote the leadership of Catholic women, in view of the elections

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Lilongwe (Agenzia Fides) - "Leadership for Salvation" this is the theme of the course in which 69 women from the eight Catholic dioceses of Malawi took part in recent days. The course was organized by the Bishops' Conference of Malawi (ECM) which wanted to focus attention on the leadership and management of the Commissions for national and diocesan committees of Catholic women's organizations (CWO).
"The indispensable role of the female figure in the Church and in our respective communities remains unquestioned", states in a note sent to Fides Mgr. Peter Martin Musikuwa, President of the Pastoral Commission, addressing the participants. Mgr. Musikuwa, bishop of Chikwawa, further highlighted the important role that women play in the Church and in society, and explained the need to support them in developing their leadership skills.
On the occasion of the upcoming elections to be held in the Country on May 21st (see Fides 25/03/2019), the bishop invited Catholic women to "support the women committed to transforming the country, guaranteeing them the support of the Catholic Church".
Father Vincent Mwakhwawa, national chaplain for the laity, thanked the women for sponsoring this event and added that the ECM will closely follow the commissions of all the dioceses in the country to see if the training will bear fruit. "This course does not mark the end of the journey, try to implement the knowledge you have acquired in the best way", he said.
Lucy Vokhiwa, president of the CWO, appreciated the ECM's commitment and promised that the commissions will put the teachings into practice.
"The strategic plan envisaged by the CWO for 2019-2023 aims to ensure that Catholic women in Malawi deepen their faith and their spiritual knowledge so as to be missionaries of Jesus Christ and representatives of God's creation; strengthening pastoral commitment; to ensure that Malawi's Catholic women have political, economic and social powers, and that CWO is effective, efficient and sustainable". (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 7/5/2019)