AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Dialogue on the release of prisoners and the suspension of international sanctions are blocked

Monday, 6 May 2019 politics   social situation   area crisis   episcopal conferences  


Managua (Agenzia Fides) - The regime of President Daniel Ortega wants the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy to ask the international community to suspend sanctions against Nicaragua as a condition for continuing dialogue: however, this request is seen by the Alliance as a strategy to end dialogue, while the ninety-day deadline set by the government for the release of all political prisoners is coming to an end and the prisoners have not yet been released.
This is the situation in Nicaragua, according to Fides sources in the Central American country.
The note sent reported that Juan Sebastián Chamorro, member and delegate at the negotiating table for the Civic Alliance, pointed out that at the moment "the suspension of sanctions is meaningless" and that, if at the end of the ninety days requested by the regime , political prisoners will not be released, perhaps even more severe international sanctions will be applied against the dictatorship. At this point the pressure from witnesses and guarantors of the agreements signed on March 23 appears fundamental in order for them to be respected (see Fides 25/03/2019).
Last week the Dialogue table dealt with three themes: release of all political prisoners by May, tax exemption for the material needed to print newspapers, safe return of exiles. The government delegation informed that if the Civic Alliance had not requested the suspension of international sanctions, it would not have proceeded on the other issues.
The Catholic Church, which through the Bishops’ Conference (CEN) closely follows the talks at the Dialogue table, in its message for Easter, reiterated the need for change in society, articulating it according to five objectives: "to build a society in peace, coherent with the interests of all" (1); the dignity of the human person is to be placed at the center of law and freedom (2); to live democracy according to its principles and with free elections (3); the exercise of freedom of expression is to be guaranteed (4); peace has to be the fruit of justice "supporting every initiative of dialogue and thanking the Holy See for the effort it makes here with us (5)".
The document, signed by all the Nicaraguan bishops, circulated in all the Catholic communities of the country and served as a stimulus for the commitment of the Christian community in this historic moment of the country. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 6/5/2019)