AMERICA/NICARAGUA - The Missionary Rosary of prisoners, timid signs for a way out of the crisis

Thursday, 21 February 2019 social situation   politics   missionary animation   youth   local churches  


Managua (Agenzia Fides) - A "Prayer Campaign for Hans Josué Gaitán Sandino and for all unjustly detained political prisoners" is promoted by the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) of Nicaragua through its social network, Facebook. Hans Josué Gaitan Sandino, is one of many young people jailed during the demonstrations and the repression in the last 10 months. He was counselor and animator of Missionary Childhood of St. Mary Regina Pacis Parish, of the Archdiocese of Managua. Since 10 September 2018 he was detained at Chipote (prison of the prefecture) and now transferred to "Carcel Modelo inTipitapa".
In the publication of Missionary Childhood we read: "testimonies and photos confirm that Hans Gaitan recites the Missionary Rosary with prisoners, teaches them to pray and to praise God". "In many parishes, animators and children of Missionary Childhood pray for him and for the other prisoners, so that the Lord may strengthen them in moments of difficulty". From the Gospel of St. Matthew (5, 10-12): "Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".
In Nicaragua Missionary Childhood is active with its groups and its missionary initiatives in many parishes of the nation. Pastoral work with children, adolescents and young people has relaunched a much felt solidarity at a continental level.
The situation in the country is still tense, even if there are recent signs of a possible opening. In recent days, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Archbishop of Managua and President of the Episcopal Conference, together with the Apostolic Nuncio, Mgr. Stanislaw Sommertag, attended a meeting of government representatives with entrepreneurs in which the situation of the serious crisis was exposed. The statement released at the end states that "in the open exchange of opinions, the need for an understanding to start negotiations was confirmed, through an inclusive, serious and frank meeting".
The Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Managua, Mgr. Silvio José Báez, commented on the possibility of reopening national dialogue, underlining that there should be the fundamental conditions for its realization: "the first is the release of political prisoners, there cannot be national dialogue if there are young people, students, farmers, journalists in prison", said the Bishop through his personal account on Twitter. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 21/02/2019)