ASIA/INDONESIA - Catholic women are committed to promoting human dignity and prosperity

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 women   civil society   peace   human dignity   human rights   dialogue  

Jakarta (Agenzia Fides) - Indonesian Catholic women are committed to promoting human dignity, prosperity and harmony in society. This was reiterated by over 600 delegates attending the 20th Congress of the Catholic Women's Association of Indonesia, coming from the 37 dioceses of the country. As Fides learns, the Association gathered the delegates in Jakarta in past days, expressing, in the final document of the Congress, "the commitment to fight for the progress of women in the archipelago". "We are aware of the cultural and religious pluralism existing in the country and with determination we want to live with the spirit of the value of compassion. We promote human dignity in families and in societies. We come from different ethnic groups and islands, but we are united and we have a common mission given to us by God and to be carried out in society", reads the text sent to Fides.
The Indonesian Catholic Women's Association carries out various socio-pastoral programs and activities in each diocese. Indonesian President Joko Widodo praised the efforts of the Association that contributes to the building of a harmonious and peaceful nation. The Indonesian government has given the organization a reward for its efforts to promote and preserve "unity in diversity", typical of Indonesian society, assigning it the recognition as "best social organization in 2018" among those committed to protecting social commodities such as health, education, culture and environment, in the spirit of Pancasila (the charter of the five principles at the base of the Indonesian Constitution)
President Justina Rostiawati recalled that the Association has carried out numerous interreligious programs for women's emancipation, economic well-being and literacy, in favor of women of different religions and cultures in Indonesia. Founded in June 1924, the Association aims to promote the well-being of people and human dignity and currently has about 90,000 members. (SD) (Agenzia Fides, 13/11/2018)