NEWS ANALYSIS/OMNIS TERRA - Foreign debt in Africa: a sword of Damocles on millions of poor

Saturday, 26 May 2018 poverty   politics   human rights   local churches  

The foreign debt that Sub-Saharan African Countries have accumulated over the past few years is an unresolved issue. After the great abolitionist campaign, promoted on the occasion of the Great Jubilee of 2000, there is still a situation of emergency, which could have a devastating impact on the lives of millions of people.
The Catholic world is weaving a wide network of diplomatic and international alliances starting from Italy so as to prevent that the debt of structurally poor countries or which have been further impoverished by these years of economic crisis, become an unsustainable huge weight for populations, and also to curb development, to limit the freedom of nations, to determine violations of fundamental human rights. (...)