AMERICA/PERU - Fr. Dario Bossi: "Mining activities weigh on the lives of indigenous communities: the Pope will not be deaf to this problem"

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Madre de Dios (Agenzia Fides) - "The letter we sent to Pope Francis is very clear, as he goes into details, he explains to what extent the impact of mining affects the lives of the simplest and smallest, in particular the natives", explains in a conversation with Agenzia Fides father Dario Bossi, Comboni missionary, director of the network "Churches and mining activities", illustrating the letter that the "Red MUQUI and Iglesias y Minería" sent to Pope Francis, on the occasion of his visit to Peru, from 18 to 21 January, to highlight the situation of violence and crime in which the communities involved in mining in the country live.
"The letter we sent to the Pope is in direct continuity with the visit that some people involved in mining activities carried out in the Vatican in July 2015, when the meeting of the peoples of the world affected by mining at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace was held (now Dicastery for integral human development)", continues to explain Father Dario Bossi. "I was in that meeting too. It was very fruitful, and even though the Pope could not meet us, he sent us a very strong letter, asking for the cry of the peoples affected by the mining to be heard, describing that cry with such precise and strong details".
In the letter to the Holy Father, the expectation that the Pope will send a message, during his journey, in defense of the territories of the indigenous peoples of Peru is openly expressed. In this regard, Father Dario comments: "I believe that Pope Francis will not be deaf, and will also talk about this problem, which is totally in line with what he teaches in the Encyclical Laudato Sì".
In the text of the letter, the Pope is also asked to draw the attention of the Government of Peru on the enormous risk that mining industries and extractive industries cause to the environment, to human health and to the survival of the indigenous and peasant communities in this country. "We believe people are interested in this problem and want to hear what Francis has to say, but they also want to be heard!" urges Fr. Bossi. "Some representatives of the Peruvian Network will be present and will try to meet the Pope", he continues. "From Churches and mines we will continue to spread and give voice to those affected by this scourge, inside and outside Peru, because this type of mining kills!", the missionary concludes.
MUQUI Peru is a network of 29 institutions of 11 regions in Peru. The Red Iglesias y Mineria, founded in 2013, brings together the Churches of Latin America, whose mission is to accompany people and communities in defending their rights and their environment. (LG) (Agenzia Fides, 10/1/2018)