AMERICA/MEXICO - Among the countries not in a declared war, Mexico has the largest number of murders in the world

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - "Among the countries that live without war (declared), Mexico is the one where the greatest number of people are killed in the world": this is what the apostolic Nuncio in Mexico, Mgr. Franco Coppola told Fides. This situation of violence in the country, the Archbishop pointed out, has to do with the disarticulation of society and the absence of the State. As Fides learns during a press conference, Mgr. Coppola said that in order to resolve this situation, which has even reached and touched the Catholic Church, it is necessary to strengthen the social fabric, besides having a stronger presence of the State in many places of the Mexican territory to ensure the security of the population.
"Organized crime takes advantage of the disarticulation of society, of the fact that everyone feels alone, and exploits the absence of the State. Therefore to win this struggle, the social fabric should be strengthened", said Mgr. Coppola.
The Nuncio then underlined that as long as organized crime finds allies within the government, it will feel invincible: that is why the victory of this struggle requires responsible people in public offices, which is achieved with the unity of all Mexicans . "Of course, if politics is led astray and does not fight, it will not be able to defeat crime. But if we take the lead and choose responsible people who are not subject to corruption, then naturally one can win. This is a battle that can be won together, here is the secret: to be together.Unfortunately people are killed because they are isolated, remain alone, and when they are left alone they are killed, said the Nuncio.
Mgr. Coppola, at the end of his first year of service at the Nunciature in Mexico, commented that the country has qualities, potentialities and great opportunities but at the same time there are contradictions: "We cannot explain how, in such a rich country, a person dies of hunger every four days, and violence kills so many people", he noted. Mgr. Coppola also stated that upon arrival, he was struck by the fact that 80% of the population is Catholic, but in the political and social sphere faith and devotion are not present: "At a political level, those who should professionally seek to realize the common good are few, there is a very small presence of Catholics, it is almost impossible to find someone, there is no representative group. A politician should be a leader who has his own idea and tries to do something in favor of people, unfortunately many politicians follow opinions, and even say what is convenient on social networks instead of guiding their citizens", concluded the Nuncio (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 10/10/2017)