EUROPE/ITALY - International Day of Disability: solidarity initiatives for children and adults who are blind

Friday, 2 December 2016 solidarity  


Milan (Agenzia Fides) - On the occasion of the International Day of disability which is celebrated on December 3 each year, CBM Italy, an NGO engaged in the fight against preventable blindness and disability in developing countries of the world, launches the third edition of Occhiolino, the first newspaper of the NGO dedicated to children (see Fides 18/07/2016). This issue will be on Christmas, with the story of the CBM project in Colombia for infants at risk of blindness, games and Christmas recipes, the illustrated story of the history of Saint Lucia. Attached to the magazine there is also a small crib as a gift. Also in this occasion, CBM will promote its laboratories, completely free of charge, at 'Casa dei diritti' in Milan. The goal is to allow children and adults explore the world of the five senses, with particular attention to sight, and raise public awareness about the living conditions of people with disabilities living in the poor countries of the world. A sensory journey of one hour which includes a series of activities to be carried out together. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 02/12/2016)