EUROPE/ITALY - CUAMM cheers with Africa in the Olympic Games

Monday, 8 August 2016 refugees  


Padova (Agenzia Fides) - On the occasion of the Olympic Games 2016, Doctors with Africa Cuamm cheers for the people who every day they take care of. In particular CUAMM will follow the Olympic adventure of Tanzania, which has made headlines for being the first country to confirm the presence of its athletes. "We will be in the front row among the spectators also for the presence of the first Olympic Refugee Team, athletes from different countries who will participate in the Olympics under the flag of the International Olympic Committee because refugees", says the statement that CUAMM sent to Agenzia Fides. "We are talking about brave and determined men and women who are not only athletes but also witness of a message of hope for all refugees in the world", continues the statement. "We will cheer for Yonas Kinde, who will run the 42 kilometers of the marathon after fleeing from Ethiopia in 2013. He is 36 years old and has been living in Luxembourg under international protection since 2013. And then James Nyang Chiengjiek, born in 1988, a native of Southern Sudan who has been living in the camp of Kukuma, Kenya for years. He has never stopped training and will run the 400 meters in Rio. Also his compatriot Yiech While Biel has been training with him and will run the 800 meters. Paulo Amotun Lokoro, who left South Sudan to find refuge in Kukuma is ready to challenge many African middle-distance runners in the 1500 meters. Then two other Sudanese women, Rose Nathike Lokonyen and Anjelina Nadai Lohalith. The first will run the 800, while Anjelina will run the 1500 meters". Doctors with Africa is cheering for them and all African athletes in the race: the Olympic Games are not just about competition but also of integration and social and cultural growth. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 08/08/2016)