AMERICA/MEXICO - More than 8 million indigenous women suffer physical and moral violence

Monday, 7 July 2014

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - According to the National Commission of Human Rights, 8.1 million indigenous women suffer violence, abuse, physical and moral violence, as well as not having access to health services and education. The Secretariat of the Commission for Gender Equality has stated that the data that corresponds to 2013 reveal the complex situation. Indigenous women have a vital role in the reconstruction of the Country and this is another good reason to reduce the distances between marginalization and social justice, giving rise to new patterns of development according to cultural, social, political, economic expectations and justice. An initiative has been proposed thanks to which the living conditions of this population can improve. Specifically, the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) will continue, along with the National Institute of Women, lifelong learning programs that promote human rights awareness of girls and indigenous women and prevent violence against them. The objective is to contribute to the establishment of public policies to strengthen the equality of living conditions, access of women to their rights and the guarantee to live free from violence. In 2012, the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) reported that, of the total indigenous population in Mexico, 3.3 million people were unable to meet basic food needs. In addition, the level of education is related to the high rate of maternal mortality, given that 36.5% of women who die in municipalities with more than 70% of the indigenous population had no education and 24.7% had not finished primary school. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 07/07/2014)