AMERICA/MEXICO - "To intervene effectively to stop the violence in Michoacán": the Bishops’ request

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Apatzingán (Agenzia Fides) - The Bishops of Mexico have asked the federal, state and municipal authorities to carry out an urgent, rapid and effective action against abductions, kidnappings, murders and bribes that affect the dignity and property of many people in the communities of Michoacán. Through a statement sent to Fides Agency, the Mexican Episcopal Conference (CEM), in the person of its President, the Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega, and the Secretary-General, the Auxiliary Bishop of Puebla, Mgr. Eugenio Lira Rugarcía, has expressed his support for the statement made by Mgr. Miguel Patiño Velazquez, Bishop of Apatzingán, who, a few days ago, denounced the situation the community and the population in the state of Michoacan live in, and in particular in the valley of Apatzingán.
The area of Michoacan is in fact one of the most violent in Mexico (see Fides 06/08/2013), many times there have been talks of a Strategic Security Plan (see Fides 05/06/2013 ), but the situation has not changed, on the contrary it seems to worsen by the day (see Fides 07/08/2013 ) .
The document of the Mexican Episcopal Conference denounces the violent situation in which people live and the obstacles regarding the pastoral work of the Church due to the threats of organized crime. Therefore the Bishops launch an appeal for a quick and effective action on behalf of the authorities, inviting everyone to stop the violence by proposing a culture of respect for the rule of law and peace. Finally, the Church is committed to the reconstruction of the social fabric and to provide assistance to victims of violence. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 30/10/2013)